Hideo Iwasaki

Biologist and artist. Director of metaPhorest (biological art/ bioaesthetics platform), Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Bioscience, Waseda University. I am interested in the complicated relationship among scientific, philosophical, cultural, historical and aesthetic views of life. In 2007 I founded metaPhorest, an interdisciplinary art/science (bioaesthetics) platform, where both artists and biologists share space for science and art simultaneously. I have studied cyanobacterial circadian clock and morphogenesis, and is a co-founder of the Japanese synthetic biology society (Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research).

Group Exhibitions
"Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition: Hard Problem of the Aesthetic Consciousness" Nakagawa-mura, Nagano, Japan, 2021.12.4-12.19.
"Nippon Fes" Kanagawa Pref. Library, Yokohama, 2021
"PREXTCE2020: Xplo-", ArtBunker B39, Bucheon, South Korea, 2020
"Japan Media Art Festival" Miraikan, Tokyo, 2019
“Conservation and restoration of the art” The university art museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2018
“Kenpoku Art 2016” Ibaraki, Japan, 2016
“Project Genesis” Ars Electronica Center, 2013-2015
“Materializing Exhibition II” The university art museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2014
“Bioaesthetics Open Lab: metaPhorest” (Open Space 2013), NTT InterCommunication Center, 2013-2014
“Biomedia Art (bioart.jp)” AkibaTamabi, Tokyo, 2013
“SCANZ2013: 3rd Nature” Puke Ariki, 2013
“4th State of Water/ from Micro to Macro) Torun Contemporary Art Museum, Poland, 2012
“BioAesthetics” Waseda University, 2012
“Utsurobune: Taro Okamoto 100th Anniversary” Taro Okamoto Museum, 2011
“Tokyo Designers Week 2011” Tokyo, 2011
“Austria Light Art Biennial” Linz, 2010
“Holland Paper Biennial” Den Haag, 2010
“Habana Biennial” Habana, 2009
“Spiral Independent Creators Festival” Tokyo, 2009
“Make Tokyo Meeting” Tokyo, 2009
“Science Agora 2009” Miraikan, 2009
“Spiral Independent Creators Festival” Tokyo, 2008
“Media Select” Nagoya University, 2004
“Toyota Triennial” Toyota City Museum, 2004

Solo Exhibition
“Culturing <Paper>cut” Gallerie Wünsch AirCube, Linz, 2013
“Metamorphorest: dialogue between paper and bacteria” Gallerie Wünsch AirCube, Linz, 2010

Articles related with arts/aesthetics (in English only)
Hideo Iwasaki (2020) "Culturing <Paper>cut" Performance Research 25(3) 72-73 
doi: https://doi.org/10.1080/13528165.2020.1807763
Castro J.M., Iwasaki, H. (2015) “Fat as Soft Architecture: The Spontaneous Transformation of Lipids into Organic Microstructures with Predefined Biophysical Properties” Recent Advances in Natural Computing  July 2015 DOI: 10.1007/978-4-431-55105-8_8
Ishibashi T., Iwasaki H. (2015) “Breeding-Back of Goldfish as a Practice that Mediates Between Experimental Biology and Aesthetics” Recent Advances in Natural Computing July 2015 DOI: 10.1007/978-4-431-55105-8_9
Catts, O. & Iwasaki, H. (2014) “The Biogenic Timestamp” Synthetic Aesthetics: Investigating Synthetic Biology’s Designs on Nature”. (Eds D. Ginsburg et al.) MIT Press, pp. 195-204.

2019   Excellent Award, Art Division, 22nd Japan Media Art Festival
2011   Research Award, The Japanese Society for Genome Microbiology
2010   Selected member, Synthetic Aesthetics (NSF, BSCRC), with Oron Catts
2008   Outstanding Young Researcher Prize (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
2008   Howard Richter Prize (Spiral Independent Creators Festival)
2004   Sculpture Prize, the 1st Toyota Triennial (Toyota City Museum, Aichi)
2003   Research Award, The Japanese Society for Chronobiology
2001   Inoue Research Award for Young Scientist
CV as a biologist, August 2018
Ph.D., Biology, Nagoya University, October 1999
      Supervisor: Takao Kondo
      Thesis title: “Identification and functional analyses of circadian clock proteins in cyanobacteria”
M.A., Bioinformatics, Nagoya University, March 1997
      Supervisor: Tetsuo Ueda, Advisors: Takao Kondo, Dr. Masahiro Ishiura
      Thesis title: “Genetic and biochemical dissection of cyanobacterial clock” 
B.S., Agronomy, Nagoya University, March 1995
      Supervisor: Toshinobu Yaginuma, Advisors: Teruyuki Niimi, Okitsugu Yamashita
      Thesis title: “Identification and analysis of cdc2 homologue in Bombyx mori”

Positions Held
Professor, Waseda University, April 2012-present
PREST Researcher, JST, April 2007-March 2011
Associate Professor, Waseda University, April 2005-March 2012
Visiting Researcher, Biomimetic Control Center, RIKEN, April 2004-March 2008
Assistant Professor, Nagoya University, February 2000-March 2005
Postdoctoral Fellow (JSPS), Nagoya University, October 1999-January 2000
Research Associate (JSPS, DC1), Nagoya University, April 1997-October 1999

Field of Interest
Biology: Chronobiology, Molecular biology, Cellular biology, Circadian rhythms, Morphogenesis, Microbiology;
Arts and Humanity studies: Bioart, Bioaesthetics, History and philosophy of biology, Ethical Legal Societal Issues of biological science and technology (ELSI), History of arts

Published Articles
Iwasaki H. (2020) "Culturing <Paper>cut" Performance Research 25(3) 72 - 73 Apr 2, 2020
Shiryu Kirie, Hideo Iwasaki, Koji Noshita, Hiroyoshi Iwata (2020) "A theoretical morphological model for quantitative description of the three-dimensional floral morphology in water lily (Nymphaea)" PLOS ONE 15(10) e0239781 - e0239781
Koji Kawasaki, Hideo Iwasaki (2020) "Involvement of glycogen metabolism in circadian control of UV resistance in cyanobacteria" PLOS Genetics 16(11) e1009230 - e1009230 Nov 30, 2020
Kawamoto N, Ito H, Tokuda IT, and Hideo Iwasaki (2020) "Damped circadian oscillation in the absence of KaiA in Synechococcus" Nature Communications, 11, 2242. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-16087-x
Yoriko Murayama, Hiroshi Koric, Chiaki Oshima, Takao Kondo, Hideo Iwasaki, and Hiroshi Itoh (2017) “Low temperature nullifies the circadian clock in cyanobacteria through Hopf bifurcation” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 2017 Apr 19. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1620378114
Takano S, Tomita J, Sonoike K, H. Iwasaki* (2015) "The initiation of nocturnal dormancy in Synechococcus as an active process." BMC Biol. 2015 Jun 10;13:36. doi: 10.1186/s12915-015-0144-2.
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Invited Review Articles & Chapters
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